Chelsea purchase 39 games 32 goals front of God is released, then strong digging Madrid Tower of God

Chelsea striker problem is undoubtedly the most cheap football shirts difficult thing for Mourinho , whether it is Torres , Eto'o or Demba Ba , the performance of the new season so far are difficult to assume responsibility for the Blues spearhead . cheap football kits The introduction of a powerful striker Jose Mourinho has become the most important task at hand , according to the "Daily Mirror" reported that Chelsea poaching deal Galatasaray striker Yilmaz has lit up green.

Born in 1985, Yilmaz aged 28, discount football kits reached a height 1 meter 88 , played for Galatasaray last season , he played for the team total of 39, scored 32 goals, efficiency surprising . cheap football shirts online The outstanding performance of Yilmaz giants quickly got the attention . "Daily Mirror " the latest reports, Chelsea are very keen to introduce Yilmaz inability to solve the problems the team front . cheap football shirts The good news is , Galatasaray main Xiyounaer - Aisha, the deal has turned green.

In an interview with talkSPORT interview, cheap football shirts Aisha said: "If he wants to go, while Chelsea are also interested in him , then why not say it ? I have always supported Turkey in Europe 's top club players to play ." cheap football shirts free shipping But ay Sha also said that the deal reached must meet his asking price. He said: " This summer, Lazio had Yilmaz offer, but did not reach a deal , because they do not meet our criteria ."

According to the " Daily Mirror " discount football kits analysis, if Chelsea are willing to pay the price of 2500 pounds , then they will get Yilmaz . Removal of direct cash payments Buying Yilmaz , the Chelsea's another alternative plan is Demba Ba + cash for exchanging Yilmaz . cheap football kits In any case, as long as the deal is reached , then the Chelsea striker problems can be solved.

Another interesting Chelsea target cheap football shirts Real Madrid midfielder Xavi - Alonso , according to the "Daily Star" reported that Mourinho is very interested for the introduction of Alonso . General due to injury this season, Real Madrid have not been out on behalf of Real Madrid games, however, as the Galacticos midfielder brain , Alonso 's strength is still worthwhile. Remove Mitchell , cheap football kits free shipping the former old club Liverpool Alonso also intends to introduce the Spanish generals. Mourinho brought to Stamford Bridge want to Alonso obviously takes a lot of thought .

Prior to the " Daily Mirror " discount football kits has been claimed, Paris Saint-Germain hoping to open in the winter transfer market when the price of 3500 pounds to buy Mata Chelsea's generals . However, the deal did not get the support of the fans in Paris . cheap football kits According to the " Daily Express " reported that in a survey of fans in Paris shows , buy Mata fans support the team to all involved in the investigation only 30% of the fans , apparently for the Chelsea generals , Paris fans are not cold. They also hope to introduce the team Iniesta of Barcelona , with 56 % of fans support the team contributed to the white of the join. The fans support the team contributed to the white of the join.